Top-Notch Mobile Websites: Development with Future in Mind

The web and mobile development projects are what we do all day, each day. We specialize in building websites, web applications and mobile apps with a capability which is both robust and dependable.

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Converting The Visitors Into Loyal Customers

We design appealing mobile websites that wow the audience with focused, customer-centric messaging. We direct them to do so with a sturdy cost proposition. During the process, our group supports your company's brand and easing shopping decisions. That is how we convert the website visitors into loyal customers.

  • Solutions

    We offer know-how in one-of-a-kind solutions for CMS, eCommerce, mobile websites and web apps. Coupled with our custom mobile website development offerings, those structures can be custom designed and extended to supply mind-blowing results.

    • ExpressionEngine
    • Wordpress
    • Magento
    • Mobile solutions
    • Web programs
  • Supporting creative companies

    Our work includes the partnership with image design and advertising agencies. Even in the case, your firm has in-residence development competencies; you could nevertheless benefit from supplementing your team with us.

    Through a partnership with our development agency, companies and architects gain by having expert web and mobile developers available to supplement their crew.

  • Web Development

    Development of a successful website, web programming and technical improvement is regularly the most complex and important step. We understand this, and our knowledgeable and skilled website developers build solutions that work flawlessly.

    Our company specializes in developing websites with a capability that is both sturdy and reliable. And due to the fact we have broad custom development expertise in-house, we have access to an extensive library of reusable, modular components which deliver great opportunities for small budgets.

Each Website Is Unique

Just as websites range by their business purposes, reason, and function, the competencies, and knowledge required to construct successful mobile sites differ as well. That's why we have chosen to specialize in those kinds of websites:

  • Corporate & B2B/B2C
  • e-Commerce & Retail
  • Customer & Direct advertising
  • Social Networks & Groups
  • Data portals
  • Enterprise intranets/extranets
  • Workflow management/collaboration
  • Custom web applications
  • Visualization solutions and microsites
  • Business

    Corporate & B2B/B2Cl

    We build powerful enterprise websites that meet the challenges of a converting competitive landscape. Our B2B and B2C mobile websites feature client-centric layout and value proposition, permit for a two-way conversation with the customers, absolutely integrate with social media, and deliver experiences designed to convert mobile website site visitors into clients.

    E-Commerce & retail

    Our development organization specializes in eCommerce solutions designed with one center goal – to maximize your profits. From focusing on the client base with carefully tailor-made customer-centric approaches to optimizing organizational enterprise workflow, the e-Commerce websites are assured to generate a healthful Return on Investment.

    Customer & direct advertising

    Mobile websites focus on a single objective: to promote and sell the products or services. That is completed with creating lasting bonds with your clients through experience strategy, social media, client-centric messaging, effective calls to action and strong value proposition. Our websites are designed to fulfill the specific desires of the clients, to generate customer loyalty and following.

  • Portals

    Social networks & groups

    From worldwide social networks to specialty, niche, community-based websites, our company has years of experience in online social community development. The social networks are designed to offer users a diffusion of ways to engage, collaborate and share their pursuits and activities on the go from their mobile devices with online communities, supplying advertising and revenue advantages to the clients.

    Enterprise intranets/ extranets

    The secure intranet/extranet solutions are designed to facilitate data exchange and collaboration between the workplaces and the vendors, dealers, affiliates, remote offices and personnel in the field. From files transfer and project management to processing orders and online education and certification, the intranet/extranet solutions increase your mobile website right into an efficient corporate tool.

    Information portals

    We are experts in growing powerful information portals of all sizes and purposes: directories, catalogs, document repositories, listings, articles, files, and anything else that has to do with organizing, sorting and searching big amounts of data. The information portals can be built to be publicly available or on company intranets/extranets, which can also contain workflow management possibilities.

  • Utility

    Workflow management / collaboration

    As organizations are tremendously dependent on accurate information that may be accessed quickly and easily from any mobile device, our workflow management equipment accomplishes all of these needs. Our secure workflow management systems increase the performance of your enterprise by lowering overhead costs, increasing the effectiveness of communication and as a result enhancing profitability.

    Custom web applications

    We specialize in the development of custom web packages of any size or complexity. Programs designed and constructed by our mobile software development agency utilize the most advanced internet technologies to combine rich functionality and sturdy management tools for a rewarding user experience. We take your unique thoughts or ideas and turn them into quantifiable enterprise effects.

    Visualization solutions

    Our visualization solutions help clients make purchasing selections by letting them customize and preview products in various settings. The solutions beautify customers' experience, raise self-belief, and reduce the amount of time it takes to narrow down picks. Most importantly, the solutions ensure clients' overall satisfaction with both the result and the general process.


    A microsite is a small, (normally one-page) website, which supplements a corporation's main website to promote particular merchandise, services, or offerings. Microsites we build for mobile and desktop devices make an excellent impact and may be deployed at a fraction of the time and value of a bigger website.

The Recipe for Your Success

Think of a site as an award-winning gourmet dish. It calls for lots of technique, finesse and the first-rate components with the intention to produce a culinary masterpiece. Our services and technologies are the elements in the recipe of your success.

  • Graphic design
  • Programming & development
  • Usability & UI design
  • QA & testing
  • Support & upkeep
  • Content management
  • Copywriting
  • Logo design; branding & identification
  • Video & Motion Pix
  • Images
  • Search engine optimization
  • Mobile development
  • Traits of Our Web Solution

    Whether it is a mobile -optimized collaboration portal or a web-based information interface with hundreds of customers, our web programs are built to perform.

    • Web applications observe a true multi-layer design technique, hence allowing increase and enlargement
    • The mobile web solutions are especially innovative and effective
    • The usage of our packages is straightforward, efficient and intuitive, even for not-so-technical customers
    • The products are deployed in time and on budget
    • The solutions are reliable and require minimal upkeep
    • We are a flexible app development companion
  • Reliable IT Partner

    Simply as each mission has particular feature requirements, the context and occasions for the development are also precise. Our team very flexible in how we work with the customers, with substantial experience in working underneath a selection of development and collaboration models.

    • Experienced in working with company advertising and in-house IT teams
    • A dependable seller for single engagement or long-term partnership
    • Our programmers work with standards, making the code easy to manage
    • Compliant with enterprise best practices, and any inner development requirements
    • Cozy in working under numerous cooperation models: entire outsourcing, co-sourcing as hired team members or simply selecting tasks on a request foundation
    • Practiced in working under conventional or agile project management models
  • Assistance for the entire software lifecycle

    As soon as the solution has been deployed, the development group remains accessible to help and extend the mobile site or application.

    • We're responsive, proactive group of pros who're attentive to a successful deployment
    • We’re geared up to provide documentation, and any other insight into our work to permit you to quickly and optimistically take ownership
    • We remain available to help you after the release, resolving any troubles and taking part in further phases
  • Does Your Website Work For You?

    Enterprise resource planning is the following step in the evolution of corporate software infrastructure. Online ERP solutions permit your organization to be agile and aware of constantly changing business conditions and industry developments, optimizing productivity, and improving your backside line.

    • Inventory management
    • Accounting automation
    • Delivery Automation & receiving
    • Business workflow management
    • Project management
    • File & asset control
    • Production & Manufacturing
    • Quality Assurance
    • Profit & advertising
    • CRM customer service
    • HR
    • Team management
    • Hiring, recruiting & training
  • Web improvement technologies

    We're open-minded about technology, operating with the customers to pick out the proper device for the job. Right here are a few technologies that we generally use:

    • Software: ExpressionEngine, Magento, Microsoft SharePoint, WordPress
    • Languages: .NET (C#), AJAX, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, JSP, LESS, PHP, SASS, SQL, XML
    • Databases: MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server,
    • Frameworks: .NET Framework, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, CodeIgniter, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Modernizr, Node.js, PhoneGap, Sencha

Mobile Capabilities That Fit in The Pocket

We build advanced mobile solutions for a wide range of applications: from business to social networking:

  • Adaptive and responsive websites
  • Mobile commerce
  • HTML5 /CSS3
  • Adaptive/ Responsive websites

    Using adaptive or responsive design, we can build websites with the intention to reach the users on all devices – mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers and laptops.

    With responsive design, which is intended to correspond the variety of screens, and adaptive design, automatically configuring the content to the screen size, users receive the functions available on precise gadgets, including GPS and touchscreen functionality.

  • Mobile commerce

    M-Commerce is the following stage of e-Commerce that permits your clients to buy the products and offerings using their mobile devices. We focus on diverse m-Commerce solutions: mobile shops, payment processing, QR codes, booking and much more.

  • HTML5 /CSS3

    HTML5 is a more advanced version of the language for structuring and providing content for the web. It offers superior maintenance for multimedia, video, animation, web packages and mobile improvement. While lots of our competitors are just catching up, we already make complete use of html5 and css3 to build mobile websites.

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