The Magic of Custom Software Development

We understand software in and out — how people use it, what features will provide the most value, all the logic that makes it go and every line of the code - making the outstanding custom software.

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We Solve Digital Problems

Everywhere in a digital dimension where data lives, you’ll find us —solving problems by connecting information, devices, and all the people who need them in our custom solutions.

We are proficient in custom development:

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Embedded
  • Custom development services

    Bringing information and people together.

    The software is anywhere nowadays, and so are we—creating the seamless user experience that crosses different devices with our custom solutions.

    Our team believes custom software must be attractive, robust, easy to use, and a good return on investment.

    Since 2010, we’ve labored with over two hundred organizations. They’ve carried out outstanding projects with custom development, and so can you.

    Our abilities

    • Strategy development
    • User-centered design
    • Custom software building
  • With our understanding and your market knowledge, we can create a software product that transforms the way you do business. The team works with every client from idea development to release—and further - to guarantee the project is a success.

    • Strategy - Helping to answer the question, "What exactly should I build?"
    • Layout - Developing lovely, easy-to-use interfaces that delight customers and make your company look notable.
    • Development - Writing bullet-proof code that runs quickly and securely across different platforms.
    • Deployment - Getting the product to users with minimal hassle.
    • Maintenance - Keeping software in top shape with block-of-time contracts so that we will respond fast to your desires.
  • Approach to development

    Anticipate change. Keep an open mind. Test everything all the time.

    What we know:

    • You have much more ingenious thoughts than you've got finances.
    • You’ll keep generating great ideas during the project evaluation.
    • You’ll have technical puzzles to resolve.
    • Users surprise you by what they need and how they use your software.

    We are those developers, who are ready to every challenge thanks to the outstanding experience and devotion to innovative technologies.

The way we build custom solutions

Our approach is to make a large plan, and then get creating. We construct a small piece, take a look at it, discuss it, test, refine the plan, and then do everything over again.

The developments grow organically, regularly increasing in size and complexity. This gives us the liberty to adapt, incorporate new data, and launch the best custom software possible.

  • 1. Pre-project consulting

    Before you even hire our team, we’ll come up with feedback on your idea, plan, and price range.

    This generally includes a few sessions with the project consultants, who are all experienced developers. They’ll work with you to:

    • Investigate fit – you will learn about us, and we'll find out about you, to decide if our development cultures and work patterns match.
    • Refine the idea – the specialists ask a lot of in-depth questions and help you re-compare the assumptions and discover alternatives.
    • Price range and plan – we're going to assist you to set a flexible development price range. Then we create a large plan completing the undertaking and put together the proposal.
  • 2. Research, design, and planning

    The stakeholders will meet with the project team to research, design, and planning (RDP) engagement, tailored to fit your assignment.

    Our crew examines everything about your enterprise, potential users, and product ideas.

    The developers put themselves in the customers' shoes, with provisional personas and context scenarios—tested with user research, if needed.

    We prioritize product features into a story map, set milestones, create an expected project backlog, and evaluate the price range.

    These artifacts make up the preliminary plan, which guides the rest of the development. The RDP section enables us to become a coordinated team with shared goals and a concept of what the product might be.

  • 3. Software coding

    Armed with the initial plan, the developers will start custom software development in iterations—weekly cycles of advent and improvement.


    Set the priorities of the forthcoming work, fine-tuning the authentic plan and ensure we're making the best use of your finances.


    Write code and layout interfaces to create custom functioning software, using Agile methods.


    Write automated unit and machine exams to recognize if the code is written and operating properly. Test visual designs with usability testing and design review conferences.


    Discuss the past week's work, plus any difficulties or new ideas. Assess the progress towards timeframes and budget.

    Iterations help us stay on the right track, adapt to changes, and comprise new ideas. This makes the difference between a mediocre product and the excellent one.

  • 4. Assist & protection

    When the product is ready, our custom software developers’ agency helps you to carry it to the world—working with a third party host, getting approval from the app store, or integrating it into your organization's infrastructure.

    When you're geared up to make some modifications—even small tweaks—our team is right here to help. We provide chunk-of-time support contracts; you will only pay us for the work we do, but there is no need to negotiate an agreement or secure funding for every two-hour task.

    5. Planning for the future

    Launching the first release is just starting one more test phase. There's plenty to research: how are people using the software? What else would they like it to do? We can help you make sense of all this feedback and lay out a plan of future releases.


We offer much more than simple code.

A complicated project doesn’t mean juggling a couple of experts. The working group carries out every aspect of the project — custom software design and programming for every platform and device. One company, one crew. One groundbreaking custom software program product.

A predictable venture

We don't like surprises in business as much as you do. Our digital agency makes sure you consistently understand where your venture is exactly and where it is going—with frequent verbal exchange, open accounting, and weekly custom software releases.

Delighted users

Users are the target audience who matter the most. With the help of our custom app development group, your customers will get an application that is beautiful, dependable, and enables them to get things done properly.

Great value

The business-savvy teams of designers and custom app builders will assist you to prioritize functions, plan releases, and make clever trade-offs.

State of mind

  • Matters that don't occur on our projects: indistinct solutions, blown budgets, awkward interfaces, buggy software program.
  • Matters that do take place: planning, monitoring, thorough testing, discussing, and more testing.
  • Our work

    We create custom solutions that empower the clients to do what they do fine - do it the best.

    Armed with the right custom software program, the customers have made pipelines more secure, cities greener, healthcare smarter, and vintage products brand-new again.

    Whatever your market, our company helps you to change the status quo and set yourself other the competition.

  • Value & cost

    We have different customers from the US and all over the world, and our company is the best match when it comes to the custom development of projects of any complexity. Regardless the budget, we can find the optimum solution for every single case. The initiatives run from a few months to a year or more, with a price range of $20k to over $1 million.

    Custom software development is a big investment. We're going to assist you in mitigating risks, make smart trade-offs, and get the maximum value on your budget.

  • Technical ability set

    Our designers and developers are generalists—learning many languages, structures, and practices so they can pick the excellent one for each project.

    This additionally enables us to bring together different technologies, so we're well-applicable to software that crosses several platforms. Imagine a wearable gadget that talks to a mobile app and stores data in the cloud? Our pros can do this—all in-house, from the approach to deployment.

Open source development

Custom solutions don’t always have to be built from scratch. To save your money, we prefer not to reinvent the wheel and use others’ great stuff, making a contribution of our custom software tools in return.

  • Embedded systems


    An automatic mock item generator for C. Generate mock item code useful for interaction-based software testing in C.


    A C unit testing library in one document. No dependencies, no dynamic allocation. ISC licensed.


    A data compression library for C embedded/tough real-time structures.


    An automated mock object generator for C++. Generate mock item code that lets you write interaction- based unit checks on the C++ classes. Moxy uses Python ver2.4, CCXML, and pygccxml.


    A wrapper library for the BSD sockets API with a better c99 interface.


    A unit test at a framework for C. A light-weight xUnit-style framework that possesses special features for embedded development.

  • Javascript

    The flexure is a library for supporting your data control and talk with servers in Ember.Js. It is built to fill the area of interest between when Ember Data is simply too heavy or opinionated on your needs, but raw ajax and javascript gadgets aren't enough. Its number one goal is to help you get the records into Ember items that you could do useful things with, like outline computed properties or control simple interrelations.


    A structural template engine for jQuery.


    A processor that wraps HTML in a jQuery. Increase function. It's in particular meant to work in the Rails asset pipeline. The processor produces CoffeeScript so that you'll need to have the result be processed via the Coffeescript processor.

    Save SVG as PNG

    A small Javascript library to transform browser-based SVGs into fragmented PNG documents.

    Node Decoder Ring

    Allows you to use a JSON specification to decode Node.Js Buffers into a Javascript object.

    iOS & OSX


    Enwrapping objection in Ruby motion


    A lightweight dependency framework for MacOS X and iOS Objective-C. The objection was built to stay out and alleviate the need to preserve a big XML box or manually build objects.

  • Ruby & Rails


    A Ruby gem for gathering useful artifacts when Capybara tests fail.

    Fire poll

    Simple polling in Ruby. While your block yields are genuine, execution keeps. When the block yields are false, poll keeps trying till it gives up and raises an error.


    A Ruby language wrapper for PEAK-System Technik’s PCAN-USB, an USB bus adapter. Download the Ruby gem and sort: gem deploys pcan at the command spark off inside the equal listing you downloaded the gem to put in.


    Allows to break the code into small interesting pieces and gives the glue for pipelining them together to offer stylish, readable code.

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