Foremost Production of Custom Software: Applications to Reshape Your Business

We solve the most demanding situations of businesses worldwide with the advanced custom software products.

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How We Can Help

Consulting and strategy

The strategy is all about making the right choices. For you to choose smart alternatives and make the best solutions, we investigate in and out your undertaking, discovering what may influence the future application.

  • Design and Development

    We utilize the broad expertise in communication and technology to develop the software with a view to clear up the task. The multidisciplinary technique contributes to innovation thanks to the profound experience of the team.

    Operations and Management

    Solutions are used, enhancements are vital, changes happen among the users and in the market. We deal with the software, make sure it works as it should and constantly look for enhancements.

  • Our services

    Tailored IT Products
    App development

    Our company offers custom application development services based on modern technologies and time-proven practices to numerous of the most famous agencies in the US.

    Application management

    We provide a whole set of services associated with application management. The specialists manipulate both our custom software as well as solutions developed by other developers.

    Project management

    The project managers are firmly focused on reaching business profits; they serve the clients proactively as advisors, coaches, sparring partners, and change agents.

  • End-to-End Development
    Consulting and strategy

    We deliver consulting and strategy services in a diffusion of areas, ranging from the digitalization of services to strengthening the brand via custom applications.

    Service design

    Through the service design approach, the developers bring better solutions to the marketplace - faster, and at a lower cost. Through a holistic approach, the developers build more user-friendly and engaging software with a shorter path from idea to realization.

    Visual identity and virtual design

    Our custom software development agency has solid track record growing visual identities for small and big companies, in both public and private sectors.

    Test management

    In cutting-edge rapid paced world, software solutions are expected to be of excessive quality, dependable and to work seamlessly throughout diversified systems and gadgets.

  • Enterprise-Level Solutions

    Enterprise architecture

    Enterprise architecture is related to the expertise which binds business and technology through custom software solutions. The developers will help you to choose the best technology or build the custom one to ameliorate the workflow of your enterprise and multiply income.

    Infrastructure services

    We're your IT department, and take duty for making the IT surroundings efficient, scalable, agile and comfortable.

    Business intelligence and Big Data

    We help companies to research explosively enlarging data - both structured and unstructured. Understanding of the trends and patterns makes it easier to make qualified decisions faster.

  • Web Products

    Web hosting and operations

    Uptime, safety, data center, user support, network, database operation, hardware, licenses, and applications – allow us to take care of it.


    Do you want better collaboration, first-class availability and simplified working techniques in your organization? Do you need to permit your colleagues to work with Microsoft workplace software which might be continually updated, irrespective of what tool they pick to use? If yes, our custom cloud solutions will be the best choice.

    Intranet and collaboration

    The proper intranet presents access to knowledge, strengthens social ties, builds a tradition and presents equipment. We are professionals in building custom intranets with the top quality and security assurance.

    Websites and portals

    Our team offers exciting and applicable content, exact capability and appealing layout.

Custom Application Development

Our IT company has more than seven years in custom application development, based on the most advanced technologies, creative decisions and expert problem-solving.

Standard software is rarely the best choice if you want the business to prosper - that is why our IT agency build custom applications tailor-made to the particular needs of your enterprise. It is customized for the requirements in regards to capability, scalability, user experience, safety, integration, technology, and channels.

More than 250 skillful and trained experts at your disposal, focusing on contemporary technologies and world-best practices to build the robust custom software: applications, integrated systems, and other solutions.

  • Application management

    We offer the full set of services related to application management. The expert developers are ready to manipulate both software developed by other companies and surely our own custom applications.

    So that the initial funding in a strategy pay off and bring the most value, it is important that the software can have a long life. Durability, though, requires continuous modifications and adjustments to the corporation's necessities, new tech traits, marketplace variations and new business models.

    Many businesses consider the work associated with protection, changes and further development too resource-consuming. Here in the USA, we offer the professional services related to application management. The members of our team perform corrective and preventive maintenance tasks, provide assist and further development to ensure better availability and uptime and a longer period of existence so that it will increase the value of the initial investment.

  • Business Intelligence and Big Data

    We know how to analyze structured and unstructured Big Data to streamline the core business processes and facilitate decision making. With the in-depth understanding of cutting-edge technologies, trends and patterns, the specialists obsessed in high technologies create custom solutions for the most demanding business needs.

    Because of new techs appeared, all people have become large-scale data producers. People pay by credit cards, bypass sensors, use social media, share pix, navigate through GPS and send hundreds of messages every day. When one turns in business circles, the amount of data increases exponentially, and sooner or later this information heap becomes hard to manage.

    Benefits for all industries

    Different firms from various industries have their exceptional needs and challenges, in which Big Data analytics can provide strategic benefits:

    • For production organizations, big data analytics can help optimize the production lifecycle and distribution.
    • Stores can expand campaigns, plan product placement, track fraud, run basket evaluation, design loyalty packages and streamline stock control.
    • The telecommunications industry can trim their client approach and work to reduce defection through enhancing customer offerings.
  • Benefits for all industries

    • The advertising and communications businesses will improve their capability to optimize the channel mix to reach the target audiences maximum successfully.
    • The energy sector can plan their production, count on capacity problems and certainly expect when a road light bulb ought to get replaced, by way of collecting and studying big amounts of data from operational structures, patron analytics, CRM, weather facts and economic systems.
    • Media agencies can point out new enterprise possibilities for their customers by regarding findings and conclusions from the analysis of information from each structured and unstructured resources.

    We are specialists at integration, data warehousing, reporting and analytics, search technology and business tactics in various industries. Our company makes the customers smarter through business intelligence – we make a difference. Let's look into thrilling opportunities of your enterprise together!

Visual Identity and Virtual Design

A visual identity is tasked to transform strategic guidelines to visible communication. A visual identification conveys the identity of the employer. It also builds and reinforces the favored lasting impression.

One of the key success standards for a hit development of visual identities is to involve key people inside the organization, representing various parts of the company. This allows to understand and locate the precise path and content and guarantees that the new identity is deeply rooted inside the business. The ones involved may even act as ambassadors inside the post-launch phase.

  • A visual identification ought to:

    • Communicate the corporate identity
    • Make the enterprise stand out visually from others (competitors)
    • Unify enterprises/organizations in a common visual appearance
    • Create satisfaction and recognition among personnel
    • Be a useful inner running tool when designing various communication contexts and artifacts
    • Provide hints and encourage correct use
  • Our efforts to develop visible identities consist of three deliveries:

    • Design elements development,
    • Preparation of core drawings and templates, and
    • Preparation and documentation in a design handbook.

    Layout factors need to mirror who the (new) corporation is and targets to be. Blueprints / Templates show how the elements are used in various contexts, at the same time as the design guide summarizes the mission via displaying design items and sketches at the side of top motives, strategic selections, and mind at the back of the visible profile.

Art of Custom Software Development

No challenges are the same. Some clients need some accurate advice or access to the special assets. Others need to create custom software or applications from A to Z.

  • Perception

    Precise solutions make people’s lives less difficult. While your customers are happy with the products and services, your organization will even prevail. This is why our team always starts with the exploration of the clients – both you call them consumers, users, participants, personnel or partners. Who're they? What are their concerns? What are their needs? What's their relation with you? Moreover, we want to understand the business you're a part of, employer, competition, and which traits have an effect on you. The project participants control this through thorough analysis or new insight acquired via surveys and testing.

  • Strategy

    A strategy is all about making alternatives and priorities. Sometimes customers come with the prepared strategy becoming the starting point for further custom software development. If not, our specialists elaborate it themselves. We have to prioritize and make crucial selections: which goals to attain, who to create the software for and which content material to enhance. The selections are documented in a strategy, whether the heading is a brand, communication, virtual, social media or collaboration. The approach is our street map, describing the first-rate way possible to reach the goals we have set.

  • Application Concept and Ideas

    With insight and strategy created, we work creatively and challenge ourselves to generate together the brilliant concept. It's all about advanced wandering and exploring new opportunities. Through combining our multidisciplinary strengths, we're able to think in another way. Technologists and communication specialists see matters from extraordinary points of view. This contributes to innovation. The ideas come out of our heads and are provided to you inside the shape of a draft, a caricature, a version or a prototype.

  • Design

    With the help of layout, programming, structure, text, integration, video, illustrations and different components, the software is created. We take care of content and layout taking the functionality as the foundation. You have access to expertise in both communication and technology. Application builders, architects, system operators and executives, designers, copywriters and plenty of others are located under one roof. They adjust and check until they are satisfied with the custom software or applications the customers will appreciate.

  • Implementation

    The software is not finished till it is prepared to be launched. Our professionals master a range of structures, programs and productions to the tips of their hands. Still, the application will need testing and last completing touches earlier than it is presented to launch. The pros never stop until they have delivered as agreed upon.