Just few examples of our work


an app that ensures seamless work of regular intercity buses

Regular intercity buses are a well-known means of transportation, but hardly anything has changed in driver-passenger interaction since the first regular bus started. Our client approached us to challenge this old established behavior making bus commuting more simple and convenient. We developed an app that helps passengers track the buses, so there is no necessity to come a half an hour earlier just to reduce the risk to miss the bus. Users can also book and buy tickets using their smartphones without standing in a queue, while drivers will be able to collect the information via smartphones and generate automated reports.

an app that connects doctors and their patients

A private clinic with 100+ trained and experienced medical practitioners wanted to improve their interaction with their patients creating an alternative way of the communication. The idea was to create an app that allows making a video calls 24/7 without making any appointment. Thus, when patients have any question about their health they can get in touch with their doctor using the app. After the video call, doctors can send the prescriptions to their patients in PDF if necessary. Our app designers not only made it functionally rich but also ensured user-friendly interface reflecting the identity of the clinic.

a mobile application for magazine for girls and teens

A popular teen magazine has a great audience inspiring girls to know the fashion world and helping them to gain confidence. However, the publisher approached us because he felt that should make it more accessible to challenge mobile competitors. Our task was to create an engaging app with implemented content management system to allow the customer regularly update and edit his mobile magazine. MobillyUS help to map, design and create this mobile magazine achieving the primary goal - boosting subscriptions.

a traveling app

One of the tourist agency aimed at the creation of traveling application for the most secretive country. They wanted to make North Korea more accessible for the international tourists. In tight collaboration with the customer company, we created an app with a comprehensive scope of useful information for those who would like to visit North Korea. The app allows carefully plan their trips based on the thorough description of 350 points of interest all around North Korea, with geolocation data and attached pictures. Besides, it includes ethics guide and tourist phrasebook.

an admin application for guest registration

One of our projects was connected with a creation of a visitor registration system for iPad with a web admin dashboard. The company we worked with provide software for visitors and customers registration, and they approached us to build an iOS and web app for them. We developed a system that allows checking in unlimited visitors and notify staff of visitor arrivals. Admin dashboard allows viewing all visitors movements in real time. The web dashboard includes information about their customer company, staff, locations and billing information. Access to the information depends on the access level.

a healthcare educational and entertaining app

One of the most interesting cases was a development of the naturalistic game which allows learning more about health assessment, intervention, and evaluation. Such app makes studying neurocognitive human reaction easier and more interactive just playing the game. We used both mobile and web technologies, so the app not only allows taking tests but also store and analyze the results. An Internet-based client-server system assesses and evaluates users aspects of mental health and provides professional advice.