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We create professional web software to shift your business to the digital dimension.

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Program Engineering to Reshape Your Enterprise

Using the best technologies of progressive web software development our engineers expertly architect and put into effect the great code additionally supported by the layout to guarantee the product is cost-effective for you and the most beneficial for your business.

  • Meet and exceed expectancies

    The project managers practice contemporary strategies to screen scope, agenda, value, and satisfaction of every development project so that it was delivered on time and budget. Whether it’s honing of a minimum viable product (MVP) or hitting a key time to market objective, we pick the best recipe for success.

    Develop and construct the software

    The experienced engineers realize that the faultless code is the most cost-effective over the long term. We also believe that checking out is the duty of the software development team together with the QA department, as quality is not a separate characteristic, but an integral part of the products produced.

  • Gain and preserve success

    Your group may require supplemental training on the technologies we use, as we pair them to sharpen their abilities and hold your undertaking in the best way. Our experts are always ready to consult or provide team augmentation to help you to progress even faster.

  • Full-Cycle Web Development


    We don’t have minimum requirement policies; alternatively, the professionals study your concept, locate the spark and set the best direction. Be ready to hundreds of questions about your business, problems, and necessities - this helps to pave the way for the whole software development process.


    Prototyping comes earlier than anything else, so it has to be finished properly. That’s why we test concepts over a couple of iterations, so the team starts off with the professional approach.


    One of the blessings of having in-house designers teamed up with developers and product management is the speed and accuracy with which we can build and alter the best designs.

  • Development

    This is where goals are put into stone. Web developers apply a couple of technologies to reach top-quality overall performance without compromising the visual attraction.


    We are our harshest critics, so having the equipped quality assurance group is a critical and obligatory circumstance that facilitates keeping the standards high.

    Help & support

    Our company provides technical documentation and a precise assist for the web and mobile software as well as continuous technical assistance.

  • Content Management Systems

    The web products will help you advertise the business in the World Web in an expert and powerful way. The CMS software assists you to completely control the provided content, from the sub-pages to the menu, as much as modifying any content item. Further, the content material can be managed in an easy and intuitive way in lots of specific languages.

    The key features of the web layout include:

    • Use of validated systems (Drupal, Wordpress, Zend framework, Laravel)
    • Web page and module introduction
    • Keyword management (search engine optimization)
    • Image factors and animations
    • User-friendly administration panels
    • Online surveys, banners
    • Content management system development

    The final functionality of the web product will be tailor-made to your desires and necessities.

  • E-Commerce

    We build and roll out specialized online stores. Our offer consists of:

    • Magento online shops;
    • Online product catalogs and Serps;
    • Integration with price comparison engines (e.g. Webkupiec, Ceneo.Pl, and many others.) and auction sites (e.g. Allegro API);
    • Implementation of indicators tracking the productivity of campaigns (conversion, ROI, and so on.);
    • Integration with other systems.

    Our software building firm offer tailor-made solutions for coordinated promo actions (e.g. Landing pages), integration with mass mailing systems (e.g. Newsletters) and Internet site optimization for more active promoting in the Google Search Engine (e.g. user/engine-friendly URLs, Page title management, etc.).

  • Big Data and Cloud Solutions

    Our firm allows local and international clients adopt big data and cloud ideas - and rework them into the best ready to use web software.

    The team works with the following tools, supporting corporations in the achievement of their business desires.

    • Big data: Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Hive, PIQ, Kafka, HDFS, Sqoop
    • BI frameworks: BIRT, business objects 11, Jasper reports BI, Microsoft power BI, QlikView Server
    • Clouds: Microsoft Azure, Amazon web services
    • Server-side software deployed with the usage of J2EE: JSP, JSF-PrimeFaces, GWT, Vaadin, Liferay Portal, Hibernate, Mybatis, Spring, Maven, Memcached

Consulting & IT Outsourcing

Thanks to a wide variety of information and huge experience, our crew is able to recognize IT tasks for huge and small US and international corporations and supply tailored solutions. Our mission is to apply effective, comfortable and dependable software to fully and honestly meet the requirements of our customers. The main advantages of outsourcing are:

  • Optimizing the price of IT offerings and reducing the financial input that is essential to create and preserve a high level of competence.

    Increasing flexibility of the company using the best external web development professionals makes it possible to respond quicker to adjustments available on the market.

    Enabling the business enterprise to pay attention to its core business as its IT operations are transferred to an outside software development company.

    Our development team grants the following outsourcing services:
    • Designing and implementing the best and advanced web software (PHP, MySQL, MsSQL, Flash, Coldfusion, Javascript and many others.)
    • Designing and developing laptop programs
    • Creating and configuring web databases
  • To make our services even more complete we also:
    • Offer protection support for current software
    • Expand new structures and software and upgrade existing ones
    • Input into cooperation already on the stage of enterprise evaluation and requirements assessment (and continue on the whole lifecycle of the software)
    • Organize workshops on the clients’ web resources
    • Create a test plan and ensure the proper quality assurance
    • Put in force new solutions into current development environments (along with integration with other systems)
    • Offer complete cost control in the fixed price contract version
    • Manage projects within the time-proven methodologies and frameworks (e.g. V-model, Waterfall) or agile ones (e.g. Kanban, Scrum)
    • Offer support tools to allotted teams (to improve communication and documentation control e.g.: Jira, Slack, Youtrack, Basecamp and so on.)
  • Our firm offers the following range of services in the area of IT consulting:
    • Compiling documentation associated with business analysis and requirement analysis
    • Checking the patent purity on the subject of intellectual property
    • Auditing IT structures for supported functionalities
    • Non-functional parameters: maintainability, portability to other structures, and many others.

    The audit work may be carried out primarily under a non-disclosure agreement with a purpose to duly guard any personal information. Our company puts at your disposal the best team of dedicated professionals and specialists in fields along with system safety, innovation, performance, source code quality assessment, necessities development, business analysis, and more.

UI/UX design

Do you need to refresh the brand image?

By putting your expectancies against the directions of web software development that are inline with the best market trends, the ITG specialists gift product ideas that are not only attractive but also promote sales and are consistent with what the client is seeking out.

Our brand development services include:

  • Growing phrase/figurative logo and claim
  • Making ready an entire visible identity (brand book)
  • Compiling layouts for electronic courses and materials DTP
  • Creating product packaging design
Would you like to make the existing content more appealing?

Provided figures and tables become more captivating and less complicated to understand when the data is visualized in the best way. Illustrations, which can be nicely selected and have a steady style, complement the presentation with multimedia and give it a contemporary and more expert appearance.

Our content amelioration consists of:

  • Layouts for multimedia displays
  • Visualization of figures, tables, charts,
  • Static illustrations (e.g. Drawing, picture)
  • Dynamic illustrations (e.g. Video, second and 3D animation)
  • Infographics
Does your software need the new packaging?

Clients shop mainly with their eyes, and the web software is an exhibit of the quality and value of a product. We offer solutions that combine your ideas of the software with market trends and customer expectations.

Our packaging design offer consists of:
  • Development of a packaging from the idea of the best operating prototype
  • An alternative creation or re-lifting only the graphic image of the product
  • Supplying consulting and help within the production of the packaging
  • System Integration

    With the ever-growing popularity of the specialized IT systems and web solutions our IT agency offer integration with the best applications performing specialized capabilities:

    • Online payments (e.g. Mango Pay, PayPal Allegro, GoCardless, SagePay, etc.)
    • Income/advertising system support and automation (e.G. Salesforce.Com, Oracle Eloqua, MS Dynamics CRM, and so on.)
    • Monitoring user behavior (getClicky, Google Universal Analytics and so on.)
    • Economic and accounting web structures ( shop assistant, CDN Optima, and so on.)

    Our system integration assistance consists of the preparation test and production environments. Imposing the best capabilities into them is viable through program interfaces like API, web service and so forth.

  • Employ the Proper Technology

    Our team has a broad range of web tools, platforms and the best skills in our arsenal. Among the preferred techs are Ember, Elixir, and Phoenix. They’re established and supported by an enormous open-source network and followed by leading companies. They’re easy to migrate web engineering groups to and offer long-term maintainability. Having the developers of Phoenix and the best Ember engineers in-house helps too.


    Ember is built for productiveness. Designed with development ergonomics in mind, its friendly APIs help you get the job completed fast. It carries commonplace idioms so that you can focus on what makes your app unique, not reinvent the wheel. Write dramatically much less code with integrated templates that replace mechanically when the underlying facts change.

  • Elixir

    Elixir is a dynamic, purposeful language designed for development of the best scalable and maintainable applications. It leverages the Erlang VM regarded for running low-latency, fault-tolerant, and distributed structures while also correctly used in best web development and the embedded software domain.


    Phoenix returns the simplicity and pleasure in writing contemporary web packages via mixing tried-and-true technology with sparkling practical thoughts. It leverages the Erlang VM capacity to handle millions of connections alongside Elixir’s syntax and efficient tooling for development of fault-tolerant structures.

  • The Right Team for the Process

    We recognize the challenges confronted while embracing new technologies and tool. With this in thoughts, our team takes pleasure in ensuring your business is set up for success.

    Pioneering the sector

    Our IT group offers access to the best digital tools and resources at all times because the team members innovate every year to push the technologies forward.

    Top quality project management and execution

    The integrated approach permits us to clear up problems fast with balance and maintainability, ensuring every project is completed on time and budget.