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How We Can Help You

Our team is here to help to validate and improve the concept, elaborate the right app development approach, enable it and put into life, providing you with the vital knowledge so that you can make the best business decisions and create the top-notch software product with the forward-thinking developers. The professional application development services we offer help agencies interact with their customers right from their mobile devices — from smartphones and tablets to wearables and TVs.

  • Mobile strategy. Benefit from the creative ideation and business approach. We’ll assist you refining the big ideas into a working MVP that drives the brief and long-term value of your business.

    UX/UI design. The design team creates engaging mobile looks that delight customers with each screen, touch and swipe.

  • Application engineering. Our application builders are smart and forward-thinking.There is no problem they can't solve.

    Lifecycle management. Keep calm. The professional managers will monitor performance and support your app after release so that you can see it's always operating.

  • Validate your idea with minimal funding. We offer clickable wireframes, quality assurance services, and a cost-effective MVP. Do not waste time and money waiting for results. Check your funding concept as soon as possible.

    Hire committed app developers. Are you seeking for a developer to your software development group? Let us understand who you need and pick one among our best for any assignment.

Professional mobile application development

  • iOS applications

    Our company guarantees that the iOS development services are done within the highest viable quality. The developers use the most popular, dependable and effective technologies: Objective-C and Swift to create bespoke apps with the intention to satisfy both founders and users. If you are looking for skilled and sophisticated iOS builders for your task, we are happy to offer our services.

  • Android development

    We've got a robust team to deliver Android development services that meet even the most challenging requirements. We choose to use the smooth code, and that's why the programmers base the app development services on Java technology supported by most effective libraries which include Android Wear, butter knife, Gson, Ormlite and much more. Talking about experienced Android developers - our team is a perfect fit.

  • Windows Phone program building

    Even though iOS and Android dominate the market, we never neglect Windows mobile when building applications. There are professional developers in our company who have mastered C# generation which makes it possible to create applications for Windows-based devices. Meaning you can get complicated app development services for all popular operating systems.

  • Beacon programming services

    Retail is booming on mobile, and now it is more important than ever to be aware of and check out the capacity of latest technology. We assist in enforcing Beacon applications which could increase your income, improve user experience, empower retail operations and much more. The developers can adjust to the existing products or develop a new custom one.

Time-Proven Development Process

The development itself consists of several stages. This way our IT organisation ensures that the task is finished in its best possible version.


Step one is a careful analysis of the idea of the project. We take a look at modern marketplace conditions and enterprise expectations. In our opinion, the essential issue is to aptly outline the desires of users and customers' expectancies.


After carrying out a detailed and thorough analysis, the concept and planning stage starts. In collaboration with the client, the sales and project managers to the team develop favorable cooperation conditions and agree on a timetable and a closing date for the implementation of the task. We take into account the unification of our visions of the product - both from a technical attitude and the idea itself.


The design is a visual cover of software. It may be engaging or discouraging. The way a user feel about the product from the first sight defines if the whole project is a success. Our company offers consultation services when all members of the process decide collectively what the designers and developers can suggest at this stage of the product’s life. The designers create several examples of the design completely based on functionality so that a client could choose the one, which meets the expectancies the best.


At this stage, the outcomes are seen by the unaided eye. The progress on the work to make your business visible on a mobile platform brings us a real satisfaction. The team makes use of the cutting-edge technology and dependable techniques. Your project is in the safe hands of the most proficient specialist.


Before new customers start using the utility, the certified specialists make certain everything is buttoned-up. The testers discover and get rid of any susceptible links of the product. Each member of the team recognizes the value your assignment has to you. Consequently, you have the full dedication of every person involved.


Our clients are people who have plenty of work and duties. For this reason, we put into effect the app in app stores ourselves. It's our task to make the product enticing for users and be easily recognized. Providing the application development, we always remember who has the decisive voice. We want the product to meet your wishes and assist in the business growth. Our company is aimed at long-term cooperation so that you can count on the professional consultations at any time.

  • High-level targets

    The strategy phase is based totally on the subsequent high-level goals:

    • Determine what to build, and for whom
    • Identify and reduce unknowns
    • Determine expenses and timing
    • Optimize finances, agenda, and goals
    • Benefit alignment from all stakeholders
  • Exercises discovery

    Our team will take you through the exercises below during the discovery workshop:

    • Business approach and product evaluation
    • Key performance indicators definition
    • User personas, use cases, and user journeys
    • Characteristic ideation, definition, and prioritization
    • Product positioning review
    • Technical and system assessment
    • Design assessment
    • Monetization evaluation
    • Release and post-launch evaluate
  • Deliverables

    Once we end the app strategy section, you’ll have the following deliverables:

    • MVP feature list
    • Recommended Roadmap
    • Product positioning declaration
    • User personas and user journey diagrams
    • Technical structure/system review diagrams
    • Design section (UX/UI) itemized estimate and schedule
    • Engineering phase (UX/UI) itemized estimate and schedule
    • Recommended next steps
  • MVP as the perfect solution for start-ups

    Find out four essential motives why:

    • Keep of time. MVP development services can help the app to see the light of a day 60% faster. In a short time period, you will get the core features of the software; you will be able to supply it to your customers and decide what to do next.
    • Keep of cash. MVP can keep 70% of your budget. You construct and pay just for some key features of the product. When it starts paying back, the developers can add other features you need.
    • Quick outcomes. No one likes waiting for results. MVP provides you with a possibility to check your idea quickly available on the market.
    • New opportunities. When you provide the software quickly to the customers, you'll see what people like and need. It is going to be a genuine validation of the idea and a great opportunity to improve it.

Mobile App Engineering

Tackling the most challenging app development issues since 2010.

One of the advantages of the experience is encountering problems you’ve seen earlier. We’ve been developing applications for than seven years. There is no issue we haven’t solved.

However, the development services mean more than just code writing. Our app engineers are educated to continually ask if there’s a better way to create something special and to innovate by applying new methods to supply the business value for our customers. They actually can code your app any way you’d like — but with their mastery of platforms and tools, there’s a real possibility they’ll find the most efficient way to do it better. And with the services of agile development, the programmers work side by side with the designers to make sure we’re doing everything we can to get your product to the market with the right features within the timeframes.

  • Game-Changing Tech Expertise

    Our software development company has the broad track record with the most advanced tools and structures, such as:

    • Native, web and hybrid application development for smartphones and tablets
    • Chatbots for Facebook Messenger, kik, slack and flowdock
    • Voicebots for Amazon Echo and Google Home
    • Internet of Things home automation with Google Brillo and Apple HomeKit
    • TV apps for leading OTT platforms including Android TV, Fire TV, Apple TV (tvOS), Roku
    • Bespoke back-end development and integration with existing services via REST or SOAP
    • Cross-platform frameworks, including PhoneGap, Cordova, and Xamarin
    • Streaming video playback of MJPEG and H.264 over HTTP live streaming and HTTP/RTSP
    • GPS location-based services, including Wallet, Passbook, and Beacons geofencing
    • Social network implementation of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
    • QR code and 2D bar code scanning
    • Audio recognition and speech recognition services
    • Cross-device intуraction via WiFi and Bluetooth
    • Enterprise integrations with Oracle, Salesforce, Box and Dropbox
    • Enterprise implementation of mBaaS mobile platforms like IBM MobileFirst and AppGlu
    • Delivery through iTunes, Google Play, and other public stores
    • Deployment through enterprise MAMs and MDMs (Good, MobileIron, etc.)
    • App usage analytics with Google Analytics, Flurry, and MixPanel, integration
    • Ad serving with Google Adwords, iAds, Medialets, and custom ad services
  • Support and maintenance

    The app development services we offer are intended to keep your product up-to-date in the long run. Some examples of what can happen so that updates become indispensable:

    • New versions of OS is introduced.
    • Updates of third-party plug-ins or other services (e.g. social sharing)
    • As your user base grows, unintentional use cases reveal new problems.

    Don’t let your product get obsolete. Contact the Customer Department today and find out more about our services

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