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Experts in Application Development

Our team of developers can satisfy a broad spectrum of patron needs ranging from consumer-targeted apps to game-changing B2B systems.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Cross-platform
  • Innovative web apps
  • Mobile web

We focus on simplicity, functional design, and advanced user experience when creating apps for the global marketplace. On the enterprise level, the developers have helped amplify legacy programs and databases to the mobile and have managed the complexities of different information resources and gadgets.

  • Running with the brand new technology, our developers build futuristic solutions to the most challenging enterprise issues.

    • Multi-platform expertise
    • Lightweight proof of standards
    • Scalable software structure
    • Committed QA group
    • Extensive system integration testing
    • Knowledge in usability and user experience
    • Usable and ergonomically suited designs
    • Affordable and up to date security protocols
  • Near Field Communication

    Communication enables simple and comfortable wireless interplay between NFC-enabled gadgets without the need for pairing. NFC generation may be applied to expand programs dealing with mobile payments, ticketing, peer-to-peer content sharing, and loyalty programs.


    Beacons are small gadgets that use Bluetooth low energy to interact with phones, mainly indoors where GPS and wireless are not very useful. Mobile packages using Beacon technology may be used in automobile parking help, personal identification verification, proximity advertising and marketing, indoor navigation, and more.

  • Augmented Reality

    Augmented reality is an enticing technology that lets the developers create a superior model of the real world. We have built a diversity of apps that leverage AR SDK for real-time image recognition, virtual tours of places, navigation, locating nearby deals, and more.

    Audio / Video Streaming

    Streaming apps make rich media content and podcasts available to mobile users. Having worked with a selection of video codecs, H.264 profiles, and video streaming servers, our developers, can effortlessly supply apps that stream audio and video seamlessly.


    Gaming apps are the most famous among mobile apps. We help customers experience this rewarding market with engaging applications which could support single or multiple players.

Industries We Serve

  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Traveling
  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Media
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Education
  • iOS Applications

    Our offerings do not end with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch software development. The developers work with you from conception, structure, and design of the app via getting it listed in the App Store.

    As the professional developer, our team strives for excellence and perfection in each product we build. The iOS consultant group has cutting edge understanding of development environment, SDK, and APIs. Besides, they have demonstrated expertise in optimization, security, and reminiscence management. They work carefully with the designers to create incredibly polished, pixel-perfect, visually attractive and highly functional products.

    Our knowledge covers a broad variety of functionalities including social media integration, streaming, GPS, maps, augmented reality, advert serving, push messaging, web services integration and database synchronization.

  • Apps for Androids

    We have been building Android programs right from the time Google launched the open source technology.

    Over the years, the developers have become conversant with the APIs offered by the Android SDK. Interfacing with a smartphone through the SDK, we supply applications that can access device sensors which include digicam, accelerometer, gyro meter, magnetometer, light sensors and exchange information via Bluetooth or NFC.

    The knowledge in Android software building is perfectly illustrated in the apps created by our developers. Be it OAuth authorization, web services integration, push messaging, AR, social community integration, real-time navigation and consumer interplay, history processing, or data syncing with the remote database; our team has built packages that integrate and utilize all of these.

  • Developing Once for Multiple Systems

    Device range is a challenge faced by businesses trying to build mobile solutions. We allow you to take it on with our balanced understanding of frameworks that aid cross-platform programming.

    Building native apps for the breadth of modern devices is regularly onerous because it includes coding for every platform using a particular language. One workaround is constructing web apps with the use of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript libraries like Jquery mobile. However, this approach has extreme obstacles in phrases of visibility at the marketplace in addition to using native tool competencies. Many companies now take the 3rd technique: they broaden programs using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript libraries and build this single source code into native installable software intended to each target platform. Such applications are known as hybrid apps.

    Mobile Enterprise Apps Platform or Mobile Consumer App Platform facilitates the creation of cross-platform hybrid apps. While MEAP may not be the one-fits-all answer, we assist you to decide the best course and draw up the most practical approach. A rule of thumb is to use a cross-platform framework if three or more operating systems should be supported. Cross-platform frameworks aren't appropriate when it comes to development of gaming and apps with intensive graphics; we advocate the use of OpenGL/Unity instead. However, they are ideally suited for an entire class of applications which includes search, catalog and shopping apps.

Progressive Web Apps

With the rising number of phone users, are you questioning why your mobile websites aren't bringing you the predicted conversions?

We say it's far the compromised browsing experience of websites on smartphones. Fifty-three percent of users abandon websites that take more than 3 seconds to load on their devices. New possibilities of the mobile internet known as progressive web apps can deliver app-like user experience, growing consumer engagement.

PWAs allow users to carry websites to the home display screen to look and feel just like ordinary native apps. With Application Shell Structure that permits speedy loading and Service Workers that assist with content caching and push notifications, PWAs are the nearest future of the mobile net.

  • Characteristics of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

    • Revolutionary. PWAs are constructed with advanced enhancement as the essential feature, and they open on any browser and work on any device. Taking benefits of the features of the device, they provide a steadily sophisticated user experience.
    • Re-engaging. PWAs live on the home screen, work offline and are discoverable through SERPs. Push notifications that provide timely and easy updates from preferred websites make users keep returning to the apps for more.
    • User-friendly. The app-like interface of PWAs affords fast and engaging user experience. Be it a smartphone or a tablet, progressive web apps regulate quickly to provide best viewing experience. Being the websites with URLs, PWAs are easy to share too, not like native programs.
  • Whether to Go for a PWA?

    In case your business already has a native app but could advantage from a much wider consumer engagement, the progressive web app is an excellent choice. If you don’t have a solution yet and your commercial enterprise should without a doubt benefit from one, you can start out with a PWA. In the long run, to make the proper selection, you need to research different factors along with the business needs, target users, and present applications.Our developers will assist you to discern whether your business needs such solution. We have a group of builders with know-how in popular languages and frameworks including ExpressJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, Polymer, and Ionic, in case you decide to create the appropriate app-like website.
  • Optimizing Web Solutions

    Your clients are taking the Internet with them on their smartphones. Why not provide them a better browsing experience with a mobile-friendly website?

    With the equal finesse that our developers apply in creating native apps, we can optimize your web solutions for mobile viewing.

    A dedicated light-weight version of the original desktop website may be developed to be accessed through mobile devices. The separate website can be a sub-area at m.website.com or a .mobi site. As the experienced app developer, websites we build remain simple with lesser images and more whitespace to avoid litter. The right mobile version will handiest show content most applicable to prompt the supposed interaction.

  • Rather, the same website can be made responsive or adaptive to different screen size resolutions. The website online will serve the identical HTML to all devices but use the CSS to change the rendering. With revolutionary enhancement strategies, CSS3 Media Queries, fluid grids and flexible pix, our developers can craft solutions that gracefully adapt to various display widths and orientations.

    At our headquarters in the US, the expert developers help you to reach one-of-a-kind sets of online clients irrespective of the course you select. We can provide you with a separate website to be entirely used for mobile viewing. Or, the developers can build a single solution to work fluidly on a diversity of gadgets.

Building Feature-Rich Programs

  • Internet programs
  • Websites & CMS
  • Frontend technologies

Be it a thriving eCommerce site or a collaborative content management system, our sophisticated developers understand what makes it tick. We work with the modern-day and most dependable gear to build high-performance programs. Our company is also the certified partner with Microsoft and build solutions on Sharepoint and Microsoft BI.

  • Java

    The desired tool for building complex programs, Java powers many popular Internet and mobile solutions. Our group of experienced and professional developers has created many the most complex enterprise solutions using Java.

  • Wordpress

    What began as a platform for bloggers is now one of the most famous programs empowering feature-rich business sites to content management solutions. From development to normal upgrade and hardening, we ensure the Wordpress installations continually operate as smoothly as they have to.


    Magento is undoubtedly one of the most advanced software for developing feature-rich eCommerce sites. Flexible, scalable, and expandable with the excellent range of capabilities, you could use it to your benefit with the right set of developers. In case you need a hit eCommerce business, allow us to help you build the inspiration.

  • HTML5

    Upgraded with new capabilities, cleaner codes, and versatility, HTML5 is the future of web application programming. With easy-to-read and elegant code, html5 is used to create whatever from interactive games to responsive websites and mobile apps.

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CMS Services for Small and Large Corporations

Even if you are a small company currently in need of a simple website, you should scale up the site as the business grows. Other than scalability, a Content Management System makes it viable to regularly update a variety of content from pics to podcasts, and work with user-generated content including forums and polls.

Although setup and configuration of a CMS initially include the help of a developer, it soon transfers the control of updates to content writers. From an enterprise standpoint, a CMS also minimizes fee of designing an Internet site from scratch and does not require hiring professional developers to control it.

Benefits of CMS implementation

  • Centralized content management solution to create, save, retrieve, delete, and reuse content
  • Scheduled publishing in content material templates
  • Modules, components, and extensions to higher functionalities
  • Separation of materials, website shape, and layout factors
  • Granular permission system
  • Editorial and version manage
  • Secure integration with external packages
  • Social media integration, upgrades, and search engine optimization

Our Benefits

  • Professional developers to assess your business necessities and identify the most applicable CMS.
  • Powerful and scalable structures designed to handle the sudden influx of the visitors.
  • User-friendly websites that provide more security to your customer and enterprise statistics.
  • Proactive security patch control with continuous tracking and steady updates.
  • A scalable team of developers backed by years of experience in web development.
  • In-house content writers who may be engaged in ongoing content management on web sites.