Let’s know each other better

Creative and innovative

MND is a mobile app development company with a focus on working with forward-thinking people who are ready to realize their incredible ideas. Started up as a garage company we grew fast and do not lose the steam. In our nearest prospects, we strive to build the most innovative app development company. Our strive is determined with our passion for mobile application creation and impressive knowledge base. We keep developing our skills and learning something new visiting professional conferences, meetups and sharing our experience with other IT specialists. We believe that perfection has no limits and we stick to this idea in everything. Whether it is our expertise or our services - every member of our team looks for an opportunity to improve and optimize it. We don’t believe in shortcuts and one-size-fits-all digital solutions. Every business is unlike any other, and it should have unique mobile app solution to stand out from the competitors and emphasize its brand identity. And we guarantee that we won’t stop delivering you results until they completely match your requirements both business and personal. We will help you to navigate the beaten path with our collaborative innovation roadmap and won’t leave you alone during the launch time. Approaching us, you can rely on a proven business partner.

Why choose MND?

IT is in demand, and due to this fact the number of app development services vendors is huge, and it is getting hard to find the one which is right. Let us present you some reasons why we the right for you:
  • Our team consists only of true experts with 3 and more years of experience.
  • MND is a dedicated team of developers. We act as if we were your in-house development team paying your project as much time and efforts as nobody else.
  • We test everything new and use only proven methods. Our team stays on the leading edge of innovative technologies, but we never implement beta software until our specialists ensure that it is stable, secure, and properly performing.
  • Experienced developers work equally well with ‘waterfall’ and ‘agile’ development process. The choice of the model depends on your project, and we can help you to determine which one fits you more.
  • Working with us you can rely on a proper intellectual property protection. We are always ready to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreements, and we can ensure you that the project files will belong to you and nobody else.
Know us better, and you will see that these are just few of advantages of work with us.